Friday, November 27, 2009

Clay classes by Barbara B.

Barbara has worked in clay for over 40 year. Her love and enthusiasm is contagious. The techniques she has developed are easy to master. 706-352-4356, cell:706-338-6255… also linked to her Facebook page.

Barbara is returning to clay after being involved in blowing and slumping glass. Her love of the medium is infectious. She does whimsical sculpture, vases and pots, as well as having years of being a functional potter behind her.

Come share her enthusiasm and skills in her newly expanded studio.

Clay is the most liberating of artistic mediums. If you don't like what you did, wad it up, smush it a couple of times, and try again. No angst over making it perfect the first time, unlike having to face that pristine, expensive, white sheet of paper or canvas.

All classes are offered either 3 hours a day, for four weeks, or 2 hours a day for six weeks.

Adult beginning clay, on and off the wheel.

2 hours a class for 6 weeks. New classes start Jan. 4 or Jan 6, 7 to 9 pm. Sat. class, Jan. 9, 10:am, 3 hours for 4 weeks.

Formerly $135....$120, plus $40 per bag of clay. 3 hours one day a week for four weeks, or 2 hours one day a week for six weeks
You can share clay, or each purchase your own bag.
This is a fun and informative class for the total novice or for those wanting to increase their skill level and learn my approach to the four main techniques of hand-building and throwing on the wheel. I will have a series of projects to do, cups, bowl, covered jars and vases to organize the class around.

I will post photos of finished student work on my blog.

You can create you own functional pots to use, or do works of art. All completed work will be fired twice. Adequate time in class will be dedicated to the surface decoration of the pots using a selection of underglazes and glazes.

Beginning the Wheel

For those of you ready to tackle the wheel. Intensive practice on the wheel, guided by Barbara and recommended other sources. Centering and forming, and trimming. We will talk about composite forms, like covered jars and tea pots.

Formerly $135....
$120, plus $40 per bag of clay. Classes start Jan. 5, 7 to 9 pm. 3 hours one day a week for four weeks, or 2 hours one day a week for six weeks.
You can share clay, or each purchase your own.
class currently Tuesday, 1:30 to 3:30, space for one more. Times can be arranged which are convenient to the student, and instructor.

Independent Studio
Individuals who have taken at least one class from Barbara, or who have comparable experience may work it the studio independently.

We will explore the exciting possibilities of in-depth studies in clay and incredible satisfaction of discovering your own creative process and artistry through clay.

We will discuss different types of surface decoration. You will have access to several studio glazes, and a wide array of underglaze colors to be used on wet or bisque pots.

This is much more of a student led experience.

Formerly $135....$120, plus $40 a bag of clay (covers glaze and firing costs).
3 hours one day a week for four weeks, or 2 hours one day a week for six weeks.

Home school class
one or 2 days a week. 2 hours a day.

Based on your teaching plan and age of children. We can just work in clay, or incorporate science.

This class will be flexible for your convenience.
2 hours per day, for 6 days, $120. per child, Parent encouraged to attend, no charge.

All work will be decorated using under glaze colors, and fired to cone 6, in a 2 firing sequence.

The time and days can be arranged at the time of enrollment to fit your schedule. Since home schoolers tend to be more flexible, this tends to be the same.

Make a bird bath.

We can make a bird bath or yard art. Size of your piece is only limited to what I can lift and what will fit into the kiln. Construction using plaster forms, paddles, coils and slab. If you can throw, use the wheel.

10 am to 5 pm, hour break for lunch. Bring you own, or go to one of our local restaurants.

$95, plus $25 per bag of clay.

Will be held as soon as it fills and all interested in it are available.

Tenative first class

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