Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer update

Register for Summer Kid Clay Classes. Extended hours, keep them busy and learning.


Now taking reservations for Summer clay classes.

Read about me in

All materials included.

1st week.

Tuition, $100 per week. Discounts for multiple children, same family. 9 am to 12 am, or 1 pm to 4 pm. Monday through Friday.
We will make creatures from your favorite books. Bring a book with you to the first class. We will make bowls, tiles which can be used for a hot plate, personalized door name plates, a vase or mugs for the parents... Each child will be assisted in making his or her very own elephant cup, completed with his or her own name.

Limited to 6 students. Children must be able to follow extended rules and maintain attention for the length of the class.

Under 8 years old, 3 hours a day, $100 a week, discount for second children in same family.

9 to 13, and 14 through High School. 4 hours a day, $150 a week. Also discount for second child in family.

Also available; glass blowing with the Bendzunas men. Contact for fees.

ysanky, or Ukrainian egg decoration. Felting, hula hoop decoration and practice, nature walks with trained botanist, riding and horse care lessons.

Contact for more information and phone number.

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